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3-Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a more straight up, explosive pop

Fuse Stringers
Run vertically through the board to give an enhance pop off the wake

Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and protection against park features

  • Comes w/ four 1.0 in fiberglass ramp fins and four 0.8 in fiberglass Free Agent fins
  • Danny Harf pro model

The Ronix One ATR offers the same shape and riding style as the One Time Bomb, but with a more controlled pop off the wake at a more affordable price. Enjoy the responsive, high-performance ride of Ronix's most iconic design while keeping a little extra ballast in your wallet.

Size Rocker Height Stance Center Surface Rider Weight Range
134 cm 2.2 in 21.5 in - 25.5 in 16.6 in 763 sq in Up to 165 lbs
138 cm 2.3 in 22.5 in - 26.5 in 16.8 in 799 sq in Up to 180 lbs
142 cm 2.4 in 23.5 in - 27.5 in 17.0 in 829 sq in 170 lbs and up
146 cm 2.5 in 24.0 in - 28.0 in 17.0 in 854 sq in 175 lbs and up